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Angels Landing Trail

The trail to Angels Landing is one of the most well known in Zion National Park. Even though it is one of the most strenuous day hikes, it is worth the effort. Due to the steep nature of this 5 mile path, hiking is the only activity suitable to reach the overlook.

In July 2006 Scott Carrier profiled Angels Landing on NPR's Day to Day after he ventured up this path. At the top he was awestruck and said: It seems entirely possible, standing on top, that this is a place angels would land. Maybe time travelers and space aliens, as well. It's an altar, 1,500 feet in the air. It feels like all the energy coming off the canyon walls is focused on this spot.

Thus, wise hikers will bring a camera with them so that they can capture the grandeur of the views from the peak as it provides panoramic views of Zion Canyon and the surrounding environs in pictures.

The Angels Landing trail is accessed from the Grotto Picnic Area that is on Zion Canyon Scenic Drive, the main roadway in this section of the park.

While many people of varied ages enjoy hiking to the overlook, hikers should be in decent shape to confront the steep climb. Also, the last half mile at the top is a narrow ridge with drop offs on each side. A chain is provided for hikers to hold on to while traversing through this section. Since this trail is several miles long and steep, please set aside about 4 hours for this hike. As always take water so to avoid dehydration.

For more information contact the Zion National Park staff at (435)772-3256. They'll provide up to date information about current seasonal and weather information.