Churches - St. George Area

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While the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (aka “The Mormon Church”) has a strong presence in the area, there are many different types of congregations in the area. Below is a list of religions that have congregations in the region. The number of congregations of each religion are in the parentheses.

St George Utah TransportationAssembly of God (1)
Baptist (5)
Calvary (1)
Catholic (3)
Christian Science Society (1)
Church of Christ (1)
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (please see for congregation listings)
Episcopal Church (1)
Jehovah’s Witnesses (3)
Jewish (1)
Lutheran (3)
Non-Denominational (3)
Oasis Community Church (1)
Presbyterian (1)
Seventh-Day Adventist (2)
Southern Baptist (2)
United Methodist (2)
Unity (1)

The following churches have websites:

Desert Springs Church - Nondenominational, Purpose Driven
Harvest Christian Assembly
Southland Bible Church
Saint George Catholic Church

Westside Baptist Church