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Emerald Pools Trail

The Emerald Pools Trail is likely one of the most hiked paths in Zion National Park. There are three sections of the trail that makes it easy for people to explore with flexibility in relation to time and other constraints. Due to park regulations and the nature of the trail, hiking is the only activity suitable for this path.

This path is accessed by a trailhead just across the main road in Zion Canyon from the Zion Lodge.

Hanging gardens await those who venture 1.2 miles up the first section of the trail to the lower pools. A dramatic concaved rock face has several small waterfalls that cascade over the rocks from pools above. Beyond the waterfall, people can see moss, flowers, and other flora that grow on the rock face. They thrive off of the water that seeps down from the pools. The approximately one mile path to this point is paved, and this makes it easy for people of all ages and fitness levels -- including those in wheel chairs.

The next two sections are unpaved and are a bit more rugged than the first part, but most children can easily venture up these sections. The Middle Emerald Pools are those that feed the waterfall for the lower pools; they sit right on the rock's edge before it drops off. People can also venture up to another set of pools that are higher up and feed below. This pool is at the bottom of a several hundred feet high cliff that are pretty. They also provide some shade that help hikers remain cool after hiking up to this point.

For more information contact the Zion National Park staff at (435)772-3256. They'll provide up to date information about the Emerald Pools based upon current seasonal and weather information.