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The St. George, Utah area is very family oriented, and there are many activities that entire families can participate in together. These activities vary from recreation, sports, and family targeted fun park options.


Families can enjoy riding ATVs together.Southwestern Utah is a recreational haven with a landscape well suited for many activities like ATV riding, hiking, biking, horseback riding, river running, and camping. There are many companies in the St. George area that cater to visitors who come here to do these recreational activities. For instance, there are many open areas that are great for riding ATV's. This activity is great for all activities since it has a quick learning curve in which someone can hop onto an ATV for the first time and comfortably operate it within a few minutes. Families can choose many activity options when they use them since they can ride in dune areas for fun or go on a guided tour on ATV's. The later option should be a particularly attractive option for families since they can cover a lot of ground at their own pace while avoiding tired feet.

National and State Parks

With several national and state parks and forests in the area, there are so many beautiful hiking options for families. For instance, in Snow Canyon State Park there are many trails that traverse this beautiful canyon of red and salmon-pink hues. There are many trails of varying length and difficulty that all can enjoy. Likewise, Zion National Park offers many different hiking options. Younger families can easily travel the Lower Emerald Pool trail which is 1.2 miles long, paved, and wheel chair-accessible while older families can undertake the strenuous five mile trek to Angels Landing. Most of the trails in the area are also usable for bicycles and horses, and there are many companies that rent and sell equipment while offering guided tours using these different types of travel.

The Virgin River offers many chances for family fun.River Adventures

Another fun way for families to see the area is river running on the Virgin River. The river flows through the entire area from Zion National Park into the Virgin River Gorge along the Interstate 15 corridor in Arizona. More adventurous families will enjoy the opportunity to confront class 2, 3, and 4 rapids in the spring as snow in the mountains is melting. Other families will enjoy the chance to simply float or tube down calmer stretches of the river. Whatever mode of travel families choose, they will enjoy the stunning scenery of this beautiful desert landscape.


Families will also enjoy camping since there are hot summers and mild winters here. There is a full range of camping options from using tents to RV's. Campsites are strewn throughout the St. George area near national and state parks, reservoirs, and recreation areas, and they vary in the type of amenities that they offer.



There also are many sport options that families can participate in together. For instance, one of St.George’s most popular family attractions is the hydroslide at the city pool. Other pools in the area have plenty of play equipment for children to enjoy. Some other popular sport activities here are tennis and golf. The mild climate here allows people to enjoy these activities year round.

St. George Chess Center

St. George has its own chess center which offers fun, instruction, and promotion of this great game. It also hosts many tournaments. The St. George Chess Center is a great place to visit for chess lovers and the entire family.

Families enjoy playing at family fun centers.Family Fun Centers

Along with these recreational and sports activities, there are many places that specifically provide activities for families here. The Fiesta Fun Center in St. George offers many fun activities like miniature golf, bumper cars, and arcade games. For a different type of activity, the Tonaquint Nature Center offers weekly lectures for families about area wildlife. Also on this scientific theme, families will enjoy visiting the St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site at Johnson Farm where many dinosaur remains are located – including fossilized tracks.

City Events

Recently, the city of St. George started weekly evening events on Thursdays. Many area businesses and artisans set up booths, including booths selling food. The city also provides large inflatable balloon carnival activities like slides and sumo wrestling.

There are many options of things to do for families of all types.