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Below are some frequently asked questions about the St. George, Utah and Zion National Park area. If you have further questions, please contact us via the phone at (800)869-6635 or e-mail.
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St. George:

How do I get to the St. George area?
You can easily get here by car, plane, and bus. Visit the getting to St. George page for details. Las Vegas is two hours south and Salt Lake City is four hours north of the city on Interstate 15.

Why is St. George the second fastest growing metropolitan area in the United States?
There are many reasons. For instance, some reasons are the warm climate here, year round golf, low cost of living, recreational activities, and extensive scenic diversity.

How far is it to the Grand Canyon from St. George?
161 miles to the North Rim (which is closed during the winter)

Where can I hold a business meeting or convention in St. George?
There are many options. Visit our convention space page to learn more.

How do I get pampered in St. George?
There are many spa resorts, day spas, and health clubs here. Visit our Spa/Fitness/Massage page to learn more.

Zion National Park: ↑ Top

How far is Zion from St. George, Las Vegas, and Springdale?
St. George: 41 miles; Las Vegas: 158 miles; Springdale is at the mouth of Zion Canyon

What exit do I take to get to Zion?
On Interstate 15 take exit #16 for Zion Canyon and exit #40 to Kolob Canyon. Visit our map page for more detailed information.

Can I visit Zion, Bryce, and the Grand Canyon in the same day?
Yes, but each one of these national parks deserves more than a day’s attention. The distance between the three will take most of the day to drive.

How far is it from Zion to Bryce?
87 miles

Is the road always open from Zion to Bryce?
Yes, roads between Zion and Bryce are always open except during a rare heavy snow storm.

How do I make camp site reservations in Zion?
Call (800)365-2267.

Can I take my dog to Zion and can it ride on the shuttle?
No, but there is a dog shelter in Springdale.

State Parks and Reservoirs: ↑ Top

Do you have any information on Snow Canyon, Sand Hollow, and Quail Creek?
Yes, visit our Snow Canyon and local reservoirs pages.

Where is Baker Reservoir?
It is 25 miles north of St. George on SR-18. Visit our reservoirs page for more information about Baker Reservoir.

How do I make camp site reservations in Snow Canyon and Sand Hollow?
Call (800)322-3770.

Miscellaneous: ↑ Top

Why is Southern Utah called “Utah’s Dixie?”
During the Civil War when cotton was scarce, the Mormon prophet Brigham Young sent pioneers down to this area to grow cotton. Therefore, the area was called Dixie with reference to the cotton growing area in the southeastern part of the country also known as Dixie.

Where can we ride 4 wheelers?
St. George is surrounded by public forest and BLM lands. 4 wheelers can be used in these areas on already existing dirt roads and paths, unless otherwise marked. Contact public land agencies for more information or take a ride with a tour guide.

Where can I get an alcoholic drink in the area?
Many restaurants offer beer and wine; visit St. George Dining for a list of restaurants. In St. George the only bars are The One and Only and the bar in Sunset West Bowling Center. There are several bars in the Springdale area. Only beer and wine coolers are sold in grocery stores; everything else can be bought at state run liquor stores. Minors are not allowed in private clubs where alcoholic is served.