National Park Vacations

When you go on a Zion National Park vacation, there will be hiking options to suit every ability level.

A Zion National Park vacation is an excellent respite for those seeking a scenic getaway. Whether you are a casual sightseer or a serious hiker, Zion National Park has something for you. Casual sightseers will enjoy the 45-minute ride up Zion Canyon on the mandatory Zion Canyon Shuttle. The shuttle allows passengers to enjoy the canyon’s awe-inspiring scenery without needing to concentrate on the road. During the ride, bus drivers offer interesting narration about Zion National Park’s history, geology, flora and fauna. Those desiring an easy hike will enjoy the canyon’s Weeping Rock Trail, Emerald Pools Trail and Riverside Walk, a paved, handicap-accessible path that parallels the Virgin River originating from the canyon’s last shuttle stop. As you can see, a Zion National Park vacation can be a relaxing experience.

A Zion National Park vacation can also be an exhilarating experience. Those seeking a little adventure will enjoy the Angels Landing Trail, a 2.5-mile climb to the top of on of Zion’s towering monoliths. The last half mile features sheer drop offs and many spots with chains bolted to the rock to supply secure handholds. The trail is not for anyone fearful of heights. Another steep ascent to an amazing viewpoint is Observation Point, which leads to an outcropping sitting at an elevation of 6,508 feet, 517 feet above Angels Landing! The stunning vista includes spectacular views of the Great White Throne, Cathedral Mountain, Castle Dome, and Cable Mountain. Featuring many switchbacks, the strenuous path traverses Echo Canyon, a scenic slot canyon that is one of the highlights of the journey.

When planning your Zion National Park vacation, contact the St. George Area Convention and Visitors Bureau. We can provide you with valuable information that will help you make your trip more enjoyable. We can tell you about Zion as well as about other national parks within an easy drive if you would like to make your trip an all-encompassing national park vacation!

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