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Ivins Petroglyphs:
Many ancient Indians lived in the St. George area, and they left many remnants behind. One of the more interesting Indian sites near St. George is south of the Ivins Township above the Santa Clara River Basin. There are 997 distinct petroglyphs on a 300 foot cliff. These images were pecked onto the wall and depict ancient Indian life.

Johnson Arch:
Johnson Arch is one of the many attractions in the beautiful Snow Canyon State Park and is named after Mormon pioneer Maude Johnson. Like the surrounding scenery, it is mainly red and is surrounded by gorgeous desert flora. It is on the Johnson Arch Trail that is an easy two mile trail. Arches are created when wind erodes rock while bridges are formed when water erodes rock.

Pioneer Park:

In the cliffs north of St. George Pioneer Park is an excellent spot to hike, bike, picnic, and enjoy a dramatic view of the city. There are a few trails that allow hikers and bikers to explore the sandstone rock and beautiful desert flora of the park. Of note, there are several short fences in the park that are meant to protect desert turtles from the traffic on the nearby road, and there is a chance that visitors will see turtles.

The park is just off of Skyline Drive which serves as a bypass north of the city from Interstate 15 to SR-18. It is also home to the "Dixie" sign that is painted on the cliffs.

Red Cliffs Recreational Area:

Operated by the Bureau of Land Management, the Red Cliffs Recreational Area is a great place to camp and hike. There are ten campsites for overnight use with water, picnic areas, and vault toilets. A creek meanders throughout the area, and there are several small waterfalls here when it rains. Perhaps the highlight of the area is the lookout at the end of a half mile trail that has a panoramic view of the Silver Reef Valley. This valley is the only place in the country where commercial silver deposits are found in sandstone.

It is located near the town of Harrisburg off of Interstate 15 about 15 miles north of St. George. The recreational area is open year round, and camping is pleasant during the winter since the cliffs block the blustery winter winds. Call the Bureau of Land Management St. George field office at (435)688-3200 for more information.

Virgin River:
The Virgin River flows through the St. George and Zion National Park area and provides many great opportunities for river running, particularly when it rains or snow melts in higher elevations. River runners can experience class 2, 3, and 4 rapids, and there are many river running companies that offer equipment rental and guided trips.