Springdale, UT

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The town of Springdale is located at the southwest Entrance to Zion National Park.

Springdale Utah - Zion National Park The Zion Canyon area offers lodging, dining, shopping and entertainment options for an ideal vacation. The national park provides the setting, and Springdale's many service businesses provide the opportunity for outdoor adventure.  Zion National Park itself is worthy of several days of discovery and adventure. To merely drive through the canyon is to skip across the tip of the iceberg. Zion Canyon is a place that should be walked, hiked, biked, ridden, floated or climbed.


Springdale Utah

Zion Canyon has more than 600 hotel, motel, lodge and bed and breakfast rooms.  Hospitality is the byword here. Organizers of conventions and retreats have found the canyon an ideal place to come for meetings and other gatherings. Family travelers find it a quiet, peaceful and secure place to stay.


Springdale offers a great variety of dining options.  From elegant restaurants to cozy cafes, you can stay here for a long time and feast from a different menu every day.


Zion Canyon has a number of gift shops, boutiques, galleries, rock shops and other delightful places to browse and purchase items unique to the area. A stroll along Zion Park Boulevard is a true adventure in shopping.


The Zion Canyon Giant Screen Theater shows the epic Kieth Merrill film "Zion Canyon: Treasure of the Gods" on a screen six stories high.  The O.C. Tanner Amphitheater hosts music concerts with nationally acclaimed acts ranging from country to classical.  The "Grand Circle" multi-media light and sound show plays nightly May through September at the amphitheater.

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Springdale Utah - Zion Canyon Imax Theatre