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The Narrows

The Narrows is perhaps one of Zion National Park's most popular attractions. It isn't uncommon to see the Zion Canyon shuttle full of people holding hiking sticks and wearing sturdy boots that can get wet.

These tourists are likely headed to The Narrows at the last shuttle stop at Temple of Sinawava in the main canyon. After a short trek on a paved path, hikers embark down a series of narrow canyons that have a stream as a floor. Since slender canyons with some beautiful vegetation create a tranquil experience for those who venture here, many people enjoy exploring this area as it is a relatively unique hiking experience.

People can hike up to 16 miles from the canyon to Chamberlain's Ranch just outside of the national park. In fact, The Narrows are also accessible from the ranch as well.

Since The Narrows mainly consists of a rocky streambed, hiking is the only suitable activity for this trail. That's why people come equipped with hiking sticks and sturdy shoes that can get wet. Outfitters in Springdale, just south of Zion Canyon, sell and rent such equipment so that tourists do not need to bring it with them.

As popular as this trail is, it is very important to note that at times weather conditions make hiking here unsafe. Due to the slender nature of the canyons, flash floods are not uncommon when it rains in the region. Rainwater collects and has to flow down these canyons, and unfortunately several people have died in the canyons under such conditions. Checking the weather and consulting park rangers on the day of a hike is very wise as it will ensure the journey remains safe. Further, it is important to consider water temperatures when hiking; many people where wet suits when hiking The Narrows during early spring, autumn, and winter months.

For more information contact the Zion National Park staff at (435)772-3256. They'll provide up to date information about The Narrows based upon current seasonal and weather information.

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