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Washington County has many beautiful and vibrant towns and cities. Not all of the communities listed below offer extensive travel services but many of them do sponsor great events and activities.


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Apple Valley  
Over concerns of annexation and the possible building of a truss factory, many of the residents of Apple Valley Ranch Estates on SR-59 between Hurricane and Hildale decided to incorporate as their own full-fledge town so that they could control all of the zoning within their town. The state approved the incorporation in October 2004. Perhaps the highlight of this town is the spectacular scenery. Apple Valley is surrounded by a beautiful red desert that makes this area, including nearby Zion National Park, so stunning. The town has 33 square miles and in 2004 had a population of 650.
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Central is located about twenty-five miles north of St. George on State Road 18. It was named because the place was centrally located between Enterprise, Gunlock, Veyo, and Pine Valley. By February 1909 land had been plowed, planted, and fenced, and families were living in homes in the new town of Central.


The town of Enterprise is located in northwest Washington County on the south rim of the Great Basin. It is about 40 miles north of St. George on State Road 18. This town is approximately a mile high in elevation and is surrounded on three sides by mountains. Enterprise is one of the few towns in Washington County that still has an economy based on agriculture and farming.

Enterprise is known for its wonderful gardens and flowers. The first settlers certainly began this tradition by bringing in trees and shrubs from Provo and carrying water from their wells to keep them alive. The women tended the gardens, chickens, etc. while their husbands worked on the dam, freighted, etc. The constructing of the Enterprise Reservoir exchanged the gray sagebrush with green fields of alfalfa, grain, and potatoes. The people of Enterprise are still reaping the abundant crops of the desert and many are descendants of those first hardy pioneers.

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Gunlock is located on the west side of the county in a charming narrow valley along the Santa Clara Creek on the Old Spanish Trail. The town was named for its original settler, William Hamblin. His nickname "Gunlock" is said to have come from the fact that he was an excellent gun mechanic and skillful hunter. "Gunlock" Hamblin was a brother of the well-known Indian scout and missionary Jacob Hamblin.

The small settlement was located along the Old Spanish Trail and the settlers were able to trade with the travelers passing through. Today there are still ranching, mining, and farming in the area, but it now serves mainly as a bedroom community for St. George twenty miles away. Gunlock has kept its early charm and is a wonderful, peaceful home to its present residents. Many of the residents are descendants of the early settlers.

The twin communities of Hildale, Utah and Colorado City, Arizona are located on the eastern side of Washington County on the Utah/Arizona border. A fundamentalist group that practices polygamy established these towns. There is a thriving population of around 5, 000 people in this area that lies between the communities of Hurricane, Utah and Fredonia, Arizona. Access to the Grand Canyon overlook of Toroweap lies near Hildale and Pipe Spring National Monument is just 20 minutes away.
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The town of Ivins came about because of the fulfilled dream of several men to bring water to the Santa Clara bench. Ivins Reservoir was built to store the water in 1918. They decided they wanted a different name for their town than "Santa Clara Bench," the name that was finally chosen was "Ivins" after the Mormon Apostle Anthony W. Ivins. He was asked and didn't object as long as they spelled it right. He then donated $100 toward a chapel and sent later a bell for it.

Ivins is home to Tuacahn Amphitheatre and Performing Arts Charter School, Red Mountain Spa, and Snow Canyon State Park all of which draw many people to the area. Ivin's founding fathers and their descendants still live there but the town has changed much in recent years. The population that stayed under 100 for many years is now more than fifteen times that number. A lot of people have moved in under the big red mountain. Ivins is still a place that young couples (and not so young) can find a place to build a home and family.

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La Verkin
City Photo
LaVerkin was another Washington County town that was settled because of a water project. Water was a valuable commodity in the desert climate of the county. As with other areas in the burgeoning county, the early pioneers wouldn't recognize the LaVerkin of today. Many descendants of the LaVerkin canal builders and early settlers still live in the area and so honor the memory of their valiant ancestors.
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The town of Leeds is located just off Interstate 15 just north of Quail Lake State Park and the community of Harrisburg. Harrisburg was first settled in 1859 but flooding and other problems encouraged many of the residents to relocate to Leeds, which is named for the community of the same name in England. Other nearby attractions include Silver Reef Ghost Town, Oak Grove Campground, Pine Valley Mountain, and Leeds is also close to both the Kolob and south entrances of Zion National Park.
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New Harmony  
This community is located five miles west of Interstate 15 and is close to the Kolob entrance to Zion National Park. Lying at the eastern base of Pine Valley Mountain, New Harmony offers excellent views of the surrounding terrain including the finger canyons of Kolob Canyon in Zion National Park. This is a small farming community established by Mormon pioneers, but in the early days there was not enough water to support a large community. Now the community is growing moderately as a bedroom community to St. George and Cedar City. New Harmony is well known for its delicious fruit orchards.

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