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Hiking, mountain biking and exploring ghost towns are only a few of the things you can enjoy in Utah’s most scenic region

The southwestern corner of Utah is a haven for outdoor recreation. Visitors to this scenic region have many options, including mountain biking among picturesque mesas, buttes and ridges on trails such as the Gooseberry Mesa Trail and JEM Trail, and hiking among narrow canyons and towering sandstone monoliths in Zion National Park, Utah’s oldest and most visited national park. Southern Utah visitors also have the options of golfing at one of the area’s scenic golf courses or fishing and boating at one of the region’s reservoirs.

The St. George area is also home to two of the most famous ghost towns in Utah, Silver Reef and Grafton. A mining boomtown in the 1870s, Silver Reef sprang up around the only silver deposits found in sandstone in North America. Today its restored former Wells Fargo Express Office is a museum recounting the town’s heyday through artifact displays. Driving around, visitors can view other remnants of the town’s short history. Grafton, located four miles west of Rockville on the highway to Zion National Park (U.S. 9), gained fame throughout Utah and the country for serving as a filming location for the film “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.” The town features a restored church/schoolhouse, former residence, various ruins, and a cemetery housing the remains of early southern Utah settlers killed by Indians.

A popular winter getaway location for northern Utah residents, St. George is an exciting place to visit anytime of year. If you are planning to visit one of the most scenic regions in Utah soon, make sure you call the St. George Area Convention and Visitors Bureau for detailed, up-to-date information that will help you make the most of your vacation. Utah’s most spectacular scenery awaits you when you choose to vacation in St. George.

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