Zion National Park Hotels

When you visit the St. George Area, visit Zion National Park, whose scenery and ecological diversity will take your breath away

Located in the southwestern corner of Utah only six miles north of the Arizona border, St. George has become a popular getaway destination, especially for those seeking pleasant winter weather. Besides its close proximity to Zion National Park, the St. George area is home to many scenic golf courses, outlet stores, quality theatrical venues, pioneer historic sites and museums. The Rosenbruch Wildlife Museum, located adjacent to the Dixie Center at St. George, displays over 300 species of wildlife in natural looking dioramas with ambient sounds. Another popular natural history destination is the St. George Dinosaur Discovery Center at Johnson Farm, which features more than 1,000 of the best-preserved dinosaur tracks on earth. Other historic attractions in the area include the Jacob Hamblin Home, the Brigham Young Winter Home and the Daughters of Utah Pioneers Museum. Even though it is incredibly spectacular, Zion National Park should not be the only destination on your itinerary when you visit the St. George area.

Utah’s most-visited national park, Zion National Park is a geologic spectacle carved over millions of years by wind and water. The park’s towering rock monoliths, forested plateaus, narrow canyons and waterfalls will awe every first-time visitor and even those returning for a second or third time. Elevations in Zion National Park range from approximately 4,000 feet on the canyon floors to 9,000 feet at its highest climes. Besides its stunning stone formations, Zion National Park boasts the greatest ecological diversity in Utah, everything from harsh desert environments to hanging gardens caused by the seepage of water through porous sandstone.

If you seek more information about Zion National Park and other southern Utah scenic attractions, recreation spots and entertainment options, contact the St. George Area Convention and Visitors Bureau. We do our best to help visitors learn about the area’s unique scenery and excellent recreation opportunities to prepare them for an exciting and memorable vacation.

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