Zion Park Hotels

Zion Park’s unparalleled scenery and biodiversity are awe-inspiring for any visitor

Zion National Park is the crown jewel of southern Utah. Not only is it a showcase of spectacular sandstone scenery, but it is also a spectacle of astounding ecological diversity, the greatest in the entire state of Utah. Zion Park boasts everything from inhospitable desert environments to lush, hanging gardens created by constant water seepage through porous sandstone. The park ranges in elevation from approximately 4,000 feet to nearly 9,000 feet and contains over 900 species of plants, 78 mammal species and 291 species of birds. One of the best trails to learn about Zion Park’s biodiversity is the ¼-mile Weeping Rock Trail, which includes signage along the route that identifies and describes native flora.

Zion Park’s humongous sandstone monoliths and picturesque narrow canyons are an awe-inspiring exhibition, whether you are a first-time visitor or have been visiting the park regularly for years and years. A ride on the Zion Canyon Shuttle up the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive provides Zion Park visitors their first glimpse of its unparalleled scenery, as well as interesting information on its history, geology, flora and fauna from the shuttle driver’s running narration. If you would like to learn even more about the park’s history, visit the Zion Human History Museum, the stop on the shuttle route just after Zion National Park’s visitor center.

In addition to Zion National Park, there are other scenic attractions in southern Utah worth visiting, including Sand Hollow State Park, Snow Canyon State Park and Red Cliffs Recreation Area. Children will enjoy viewing over 300 species of wildlife from around the world on display at the Rosenbruch Wildlife Museum or seeing over 1,000 dinosaur tracks at the St. George Dinosaur Discovery Center at Johnson Farm. Southern Utah also features ghost towns, pioneer historic sites, scenic golf courses, outlet stores, and much more.

When you decide to go on a Zion Park vacation, your first call should be to the St. George Area Convention and Visitors Bureau. We can provide you detailed information about Zion Park and other southern Utah attractions. We can help you plan an itinerary that will please the whole family and make your trip a more memorable one.

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